Get the details on hydronephrosis.

Hydronephrosis Symptoms

Hydronephrosis symptoms and clinical signs vary based upon an obstruction which is acute or chronic. It is even possible for unilateral hydronephrosis, which occurs in only one kidney, to exist without symptoms (asymptomatic).

Potential hydronephrosis symptoms include:

Abdomen pain

Acute urinary retention (may lead to hydronephrosis)

Creatinine imbalance (blood test)

Electrolyte imbalance (blood test)

Elevated pH (urinalysis)

Enlarged kidney (in complete obstruction) Flank pain

Groin pain

Loin pain

Palpable bladder

Kidney failure, a.k.a. renal failure (in chronic hydronephrosis)

Suprapubic tenderness